Insulated Concrete Form (ICF)

McGinley Construction has been committed to “green” building practices since 1997. We have completed remodel and new construction projects that have earned the "Build Green NM" rating, resulting in extra savings and tax breaks for our clients!

We specialize in Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction, which offers a quality structure that is comfortable and energy efficient. ICF systems provide substantial savings on heating and cooling costs, as well as superior structural performance.

The ICF building method consists of combining steel-reinforced concrete with high-density expanded polystyrene, creating a quiet home that is structurally more secure than traditional methods of construction. ICF walls are thicker than conventional framed walls and contain the depth and solidness of an adobe wall. The walls are approximately 12" thick and provide excellent insulation and sound-barrier properties. ICF forms are extremely versatile and can allow for rounded curves just as easily as square corners.

Building with Insulated Concrete Form can offer…

  • Energy efficiency
  • Structural security and versatility
  • A quiet & comfortable environment

With years of experience in this environmentally friendly type of construction, we have the knowledge and expertise to utilize a multitude of ICF products including Nudura™, Rastra ™ and other forms.